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The Commercial Division is involved in supplying a complete range of Engineering Materials,
Equipment, Catalysts, Chemicals, spares and consumables for the Energy Sector, both through
Stock Sales and Forward Trading.

The main clients served by the Commercial Division are:


• Kuwait National Petroleum Company

• Kuwait Oil Company
• Petrochemical Industries Company
Ministry of Electricity & Water
Kuwait Ports Authority
• Ministry of Defense
• Ministry of Communication
• Various other Public Sector undertakings, Local and International
The Commercial Division has two departments, namely Stock Sales and Forward Trading:

The Stock Sales Department has a large Warehouse and a spacious showroom in Ahmadi,
adjacent to Kuwait Oil Company, Kuwait National Petroleum Company and Petrochemical
Industries Company.

Backed by a modern computerized inventory system, we carry a wide range of items as listed below:
1. Complete range of welding and cutting equipment, consumables, accessories and spares.
2. Complete range of power tools
3. Machine Tools
Heavy Equipment
5. Gaskets & Fasteners
6. Pipes and Tubes
7. Valves and Fittings
8. Pumps and Motors
9. Compressors and Blowers
10. Electrical and Instrumentation Items
11. Chemicals
12. Lubricants
13. Paints
14. Safety Items (Personal and Industrial)
15. Garage Equipment
16. Building Materials
17. Scaffolding Materials
18. Specialty Lubricants and Adhesives
19. Spares for Equipment and Power Tools

This Department is organized to cater to the needs of our clients by providing them with the right equipment, materials and consumables, at the right prices and at the right time. The Department is manned and managed by highly qualified professionals in various disciplines.
ARABI ENERTECH represents 57 international manufacturers, approved by major clients like
Ministry of Electricity & Water, Kuwait National Petroleum Company, Kuwait Oil Company,
Petrochemical Industries Company etc., as their exclusive agents in Kuwait. Some of the
agencies we hold are listed below:
1. Lincoln Electric Company, USA
2. Norton, France
3. Batignolles Technologies Thermiques (BTT), France
4. Bono Exacta SpA, Italy
5. Construzioni Industriali Cividac, Italy
6. Chiyoda Protec Corporation, Japan
7. Ettore Cella SpA, Italy
8. Hamworthy Combustion Engineering Limited, United Kingdom
9. Hitachi Zosen, Japan
10. Hi.Tec Cathodic Protection, United Kingdom
11. Hoffer Flow Controls Inc., USA
12. IMI Norgren Limited, United Kingdom
13. Jiskoot International, United Kingdom
14. Jaquet Limited, Switzerland
15. Kirloskar Pneumatic, India
16. Lisega GmbH, Germany
17. L.D.Duicker, The Netherlands
18. MIL Controls Limited, India
19. Rohm & Haas, UK/France
20. Villa & Bonaldi, Italy
21. Wartsila Diesel, Finland
22. Kurz Instruments Inc., USA
23. Faure Hermann, France

A short list of forward delivery items are given below:
Pressure Vessels


Air Coolers
Heat Exchangers
Filtration Systems
Loading Arms
Oil Water Separator Systems
Workshop Equipment
11. Distillation Towers and Packings    
12. Gas Turbines    
13. Steam Turbines  
14. Pumps  
15. Compressors  
16. Bulk Electrical materials  
17. Bulk Instrumentation materials  
18. Pipes & Fittings  
19. Valves & Control Valves  
20. Columns & Towers  
21. Packings, Trays and Demisters  
22. Motors  
23. Motor Control Centers  
24. Substations  
25. Cables  
26. Transformers

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